Beretta SO6 EELL 2S1 12g 29 1/2″ Pair Unboxing

Watch our unboxing of this pair of Beretta SO6 EELL 2S1 12g 29 1/2″ — contact us for details.

An exceptional opportunity to acquire an unfired consecutively numbered pair of handmade Beretta Sidelock SO6 EELL 2S1. This pre-owned pair dating from 2009 is in mint condition with 29 1/2″ barrels that are choked 1/4 and 1/2 and balance perfectly with flawless 15 3/8″ beautifully figured and highly finished pistol gripped stocks. The action and furniture on both guns are extensively engraved with an extraordinarily detailed 2 Burin deep relief scroll work. The guns come complete with a factory pair double leather flat Pig skin presentation case that includes their original gold plated oil bottle and snap caps.

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